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Types of Membership

PBF  Membership  is of two types:

•  Ordinary membership. 
•  Honorary membership.


Terms of ordinary membership:

  •  A person should submit his/her membership application according to the formdesignated for that purpose. He/she should also pay  membership fees   .

  • businessman should be  Palestinian or of Palestinian origin.


  •  He/she should be an owner of a business / a company , a partnera general manageror in the place of general manager,  a member of the Board of Directors in an institution or company,  an active player in the field of trade and economy,  or specialized in fields that have a relationship with the work of the forum.

  • Be committed to the values and objectives of the Forum.


 Terms of Honorary Membership:

1. The holder must have an evident accomplishment in support of the Forum and the Palestinian affair. 

2. The candidate must consent being an honorary member of the Palestinian Business Forum. 

3. The Board of Directors must approve his/her honorary membership.


 Termination of Membership

The member loses  his/her  Forum  membership in the  following cases

  • Death. 
  •  Resignation after approval. 
  • The membership can be suspended if  the member fails to pay the annual subscription fees for a year and it can be lost  if he/she didn't  pay it for two consecutive years
  •   A decision of the Board of Directors depending on the recommendation of the Legal Committee; the reason is a breach of certain commitments or violating the values and principles of the Forum.


Application of Membership

 Palestinian Business  Forum Membership can be  requested  by filling out the online registration form directly from the site. 

Click here to fill out the membership form. We will reply on your application soon. 



Registration fees Businesswomen

Dear visitor

  Welcome to the e- payment service at PBF site . You can now pay the registration fees  and theannual subscription by the safe e-payment using credit cards (MasterCard, Visa..). 

  • ( 200 $) Membership registration fee (once).
  • ( 500 $)  Annual subscription fee  annually). 
  • ( 700 $) Membership  registration fee  + Annual subscription fee.